Traditional Chinese Wellness Massage

• 12-19 Oct 2019
Bukit Batok East Community Club, 23 Bukit Batok East Ave 4, Singapore 659841


Chinese massage is based on the theory of pressure points. These 12 standard meridian points, divided into ying and yang, are channels along which the energy or qi flows through the body. This course will cover the pressure points, corrrect use of towels, hygiene procedures and basic hand techniques, including cupping therapy (pa kwang) and scraping therapy (gua sha).

2 session(s) on every Saturday

Max Participant - 20

Speaker(s) Profile

Lim Kim Huat
Lim Kim Huat has been a Professional Therapist for the past few years. He joined a Chinese Medical Group as a Senior Therapist after receiving his Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Massage from Spa Academy. He conducts massage workshops and courses at spa centres and CCs. He is also a registered Fitball Trainer with the PA..

Professional Qualifications (Certificates)
Cert from Singapore Sports Council,
Dip from International Therapy Examination Council,
Cert from ECM Medical Group,
Cert from PSB Academy,
Cert from PSB Academy,
Level 3Cert from PSB Academy,
Cert from Australian Graduate School of Health and Sport Sci,
Attendance cert from Australian Graduate School of Health & Sport Science,
Cert from Human Principles

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