Nutritional Confinement Cooking

• 23 Oct - 11 Dec 2019
Bishan Community Club, 51 Bishan Street 13, Singapore 579799


Max Participant - 20


Requirements and Remarks:
Menu for Confinement: ?1? (Demo) 1. ???Saffron (Sheng hua) soup 2. ?????Hakka pig vinegar 3. ??????? Steamed Fish Maw and Red dates With Black 4. ???Sesame Oil Chicken 5. ??? (Fried delicious Mushrooms) 6. ????? (Fried healthy grouper) 7. ??????Fried lily Flower Black Fungus Chicken 8. ??????? (2) Sweet N Sour Meat w Haw and Pineapple 9. ?????DeliciousYam with Chicken Soup 10. ??????? Red dates green papaya 11. ?????? Fried Carrot Liver 12. . ????? stewed Tong grass trotters 13. ????? Chinese wolfberry sea bass soup 14. ?????steamed Ginger fish 15. ????? Fried leek scrambled eggs 16. ???? Steam Scallop eggs

Speaker(s) Profile

Er Teck Gin
Madam Er Teck Gin is well exposed to a variety of cuisines, as she inherited cooking skills from her Teochew and Hokkien parents. She then became well-versed in Hakka cuisine after marriage, as she learnt to make traditional dishes from her mother-in-law. Her working experience in the hotel and food and beverage industries has given her a decidedly professional touch. Her creative flair in the culinary arts has inspired her to create numerous recipes well received by her students in the Community Clubs for two decades.

Professional Qualifications (Certificates)
Advanced Food Hygiene Certificate from Ngee Ann Polytechnic,
Advanced Food Hygiene cert from Ngee Ann Polytechnic,
Applied Food Service Sanitation Cert from United States Department of Agriculture,
Completion cert (Healthy Recipes) from Health Promotion Board
Relevant Experience in Performance & Teaching
Cooking demonstration from Singapore Teacher's Union,
Cooking Delight with Sharp Workshop from Sharp-Roxy Singapore

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